Rolex Watch Case Back – What You Know about?

Posted by Ezequiel - November 19th, 2015

Swiss-Rolex-Day-Date-18k-2tone-Replica-Watch-36mmRolex watch case back doesn’t like vacheron constantin and other top watches, which give priority to see-through case watches. The case back of the replica rolex watches gives priority to non-transparent case back. It is because of this, Rolex watches are generally heavier than other watches. on the pure gold case back of the Rolex watch, there usually is engraved the crown logo, revealing the Rolex noble identity. And Rolex precious metal case back is very stable, therefore, many successful people have preference for Rolex watches. And a thread on the outer bezel of the Rolex watch but also embodies the fine production. The distance length between each thread is almost the same, even the depth is similar. And it is because the process is rigorous that Rolex watches case back fit closely with the dial, and the sealing is very good. Therefore, to sum up, Rolex waterproof performance is quite good.

The energy of keeping moving and seeking perfection of the Rolex watchmaker gives the highest moral character for the Rolex watches, which makes the Rolex enjoy the incomparable honor by other watches brands.  In 1953, mountaineer Edmund Hillary wore a Rolex watch to board the Mount Everest, and the explorer Renault’s fee tamed the South Poleby wearing the same Rolex watch; then a few years later, Rolex dived into the seabed to a depth of 10,800 meters of the ocean. All of these exploration historical initiative are to witness a fact, that is the good moral character and excellence and extraordinariness of the Rolex watches.

Suggestion of the personalized rolex watches replica case back – ROLEX Datejust 116233 golden dial, which features mechanical watch movement, 18ct gold and 904L stainless steel watch case, diameter of 36mm, thickness of 12mm, normal watch crown, non-transparent case back, blue sapphire crystal glass watch mirror, watch dial of hampagne color, folding watch buckle and waterproof of 100 meters.

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